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Week 9, Aug 18

If you ordered canning tomatoes, freezer corn, or cukes for pickling, please find the extra boxes or bags with your name on them at your drop site.  Thanks!  

Harvest Party will be on Sat. September 17th!  Potluck, hayrides, bonfire…FUN!

What’s in the box?full share:

sweet corn!

canteloupe melon

slicer and heirloom tomatoes



green peppers



zuke, patty pan, summer squash

cherry tomatoes

single share:

sweet corn!

cherry tomatoes


slicer tomatoes




canteloupe melon

Notes on the box….

Sweet corn is bigger and better this week.  This is my favorite variety.  It’s nice and sweet,  but also good corn flavor and bicolor makes it pretty.  You have quite a bit in the box, so enjoy corn on the cob several while it’s here!  If you have corn left over from last week, try cutting it off the cob and adding it to corn pancakes or corn bread.  Or cut it from the cob, roast it in a skillet, tp with a little salt, chili powder, lime juice and mayo and add as a topping for tacos.

We are so excited to be putting canteloupe in the boxes!  This is a crop that we plant every year and this is the first time at this farm that we have had a crop to harvest!  And it’s a BUMPER.  If the boxes were bigger we could have put 2 melons in each box.  But as you will notice, space was tight in the boxes already.  These melons are picked ripe and should be enjoyed soon so that they don’t continue to ripen and loose their good texture.  If you do let them go, try making melon sorbet.  Yum!  Some people say they don’t like canteloupe.  Give this a try, it makes a big difference to have them picked ripe instead which the ones at the store rarely are.

We’ve gotten a few people say they have been having a hard time eating all the cucumbers.  I suggest slicing them up along with some tomatoes and putting them out while you are making dinner or bringing them to the table.  The are really good snacks.  There’s also cucumber water and fridge pickles and cucmber and yogurt sauce and cucumber onion salad and if you are exhauseted from dealing with cucmbers, cut them up and put them on your eyes cucumber spa style.  Does anyone have any other ideas?

If any of your tomatoes have splits (some get splits after we pick them as a result of too much rain) eat them ASAP.  They might start to attract fruit flies.  Always eat your ripest tomatoes first. We will continue to give you as many tomatoes as we can fit in the boxes until the first frost.  Most members can’t get enough.  If you are not a tomato person, now is a good time to make friends with neighbors by bringing them tomatoes.  See storage tips from last week.  Add fresh tomatoes, herbs (orageno or basil), and shredded parmesan to pasta at the end of cooking for some thing very quick and easy  (throw in some sauteed zukes and summer squash and garlic, too!).

Try slow roasting your cherry tomatoes.  Heat oven to 350 and cut tomatoes in half and put in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake for about an hour.  They become very sweet.  Good in pasta or on pizza.  Cherry tomatoes can also be halved any put in salads.

The tops of the beets don’t look so hot.  They’ve been beat up by the rain quite a lot.  We would have topped them, but decided to leave them on as a way to keep the cherry tomatoes from jumping out when we are moving the boxes around.  You might be able to salvage some for eating.  Otherwise, top the beets and store the roots in your crisper.  The beets are great roasted and then added to salads.  You can peel them, but you don’t have to.


Anne’s Cucumber Slaw  

Dice cucumber, summer squash, green pepper (tomatoes, too, if you like them). Mix lemon juice and mayonnaise to make a nice sauce consistency. Toss with the vegies (Thanks Anne!)

Tea Scented Melon From Martha Stewart

Seed and slice melon, soak a few jasmine tea bags in 2 cups warm water, mix in 2 Tbsp. honey, put the melon in a baking dish and pour the tea and honey over the melons.  Put some fresh mint leaves in there.  Let soak for an hour, flip the melon slices over and soak for another hour.  Serve with the syrup.

Provencial Stuffed Tomatoes from John Besh

Heat oven to 350 degrees.  Cut 6 medium tomatoes in half cross wise and place in a baking dish with cut side up.  Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  In a food processor combine 1/2 cup olive oil, 2 cups breadcrumbs, 3/4 cup parmesan, 4 garlic cloves, and a handfull of fresh basil.  Process till combined (wet and crumbly consistancy).  Top each tomato with some of the breadcrumb mixture and bake until tops are browned and tomatoes are warmed through, about 20 min.

On the farm….

We are looking forward to the farm dinner this weekend.  If you’d like to come, please RSVP.  It’s Saturday, come at 3, farm tour at 4, dinner at 5, byob.  Harvest for the Hungry fundraiser.  Pay what you can.  Grilled pork chops, coleslaw, tomato tarts, sweetcorn with homemade butter, and desert!

We had a really good melon harvest.  We love harvesting anything that involves throwing and catching.  Especially with melons that might fall, crack, and have to be eaten on the spot.  We ate 4 melons in less than an hour yesterday.  Quality control is a hard job.

just picked sweet corn for breakfast!

Corn smut, a fungus that grows on corn. It's edible, but we didn't put any in the CSA boxes, sorry!

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