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Week 15; September 29, 2011

What’s in the box? (single share same as below, but no broccoli rabe)

butternut squash

acorn squash


broccoli rabe (very leafy bunch of greens with tiny broccoli-ish florets)

rainbow chard

german giant radishes


red onions

sweet potatoes

Notes on the box…

Do not store your squash, onions, or sweet potatoes in the fridge.  We didn’t grow a lot of sweet potatoes this season as we were giving them a try and didn’t want to invest too much into something that might not work.  We are happy with them, though and will be growing more next season.  So, this is all for sweet potatoes this season.  Enjoy them!

To make your radishes last longer, top them.  You can eat the greens!  We added sliced radishes and their greens to a stir fry and it was GREAT!   I think fall radishes are nice and mild.  This variety gets very large, but stays nice and tender and not too spicy.  Favorite radish snack: sliced baguette with butter or a soft cheese topped with thinly sliced radishes and a sprinkle of salt.  Simple and satisfying.

Something new we have not given before is Broccoli Rabe.  You can chop up and cook the whole bunch of greens, stems and all.  Broccoli Rabe is a nice mild green.  You can use it much like spinach and it goes well with Italian or Asian style dinners.

Rainbow chard is back!  remember that you can chop the stems and toss them in to cook with the onions and garlic then add the greens at the very end of cooking so they don’t turn to mush.  Store all your greens in the crisper of your fridge in a plastic bag.  If they sit for a while in your fridge and start to look wilty, give them a soak in a sink of cold water.  They will perk back up.

This round of cauliflower is the nicest of the season.  The days stayed cool and overcast which the cauliflower seemed to really like.  Unfortunately, this will probably be the last of it for the season.  Hope you enjoy it!


Still have those delicata squash?  Try cooking it this way.  You can also cube up your sweet potatoes and add them to the roasting pan.  Thanks for passing this on, Rebecca!

I think we will be having this broccoli rabe and swet potato pizza for lunch tomorrow.

Sorry for all the links this week, but this looks to be like THE BEST way to get kids that aren’t big veggie fans to eat some squash and cauliflower together.  Butternut squash and Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese!

Just so you know, Cauliflower is amazing roasted.  Cut it into florets, toss with a little olive oil and parmesan or curry or just salt.  Put in a roasting pan with no cover, and roast in the oven at 425 till browned (about 20 min).  The flavor is so nice this way.  Of course, you can always steam it and cover it with cheese.

Broccoli Rabe with Raisins and Pine Nuts

Saute a clove or two of minced garlic, some red pepper flakes, and a small handful of raisins in some olive oil.  When fragrant, add a generous splash of white wine and allow to reduce for a minute.  Add a bunch of washed and chopped broccoli rabe and cover till wilted.  Remove from heat.  Season with salt.  Before serving, mix in a handful of toasted pine nuts or sunflower seeds.  Great as a side with italian sausage or fish.

On the Farm….

It’s clean up time.  It’s been rainy and cold.  The farm crew has spent many a muddy day pulling plastic mulch from the fields.  Everyone looks like a mud monster when this task is going on.  Thankfully, we don’t have too many beds left to clean up.  Other than clean up, this is the time of year that we love because it’s just Pickin’ and Packin’.  We harvest and pack the CSA boxes.  The weeds have mostly stopped growing and it’s too late in the year to do any more planting.  Good thing because the days are getting shorter.  Some pictures of the farm

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