Winter Share Week 5; November 8, 2012

What’s in the box?

winter share week 5

pie pumpkin

butternut squash

curly kale

yellow storage onions


red onions





carrots (not pictured)

Notes on the box….

The broccoli tastes SO SWEET now.  We roasted some after tossing it with a little olive oil.  We put a little lemon zest and salt and pepper on it and when we tasted it I had to check to make sure that I hadn’t mistakenly put sugar in the salt shaker.  It’s really that sweet.  We are really enjoying it and we hope that you and your family do as well!

The carrots are still quite small, but very tasty.  The smallest ones are wonderful if left whole and roasted or steamed.  Pretty fancy, too!

Green vegetables and carrots should be stored in your fridge.  Everything else should be stored outside of your fridge (in a cool, dark place if possible).


Balsamic Roasted Winter Squash and Wild Rice Salad

Kale Salad

What to do with cabbage, potatoes, and kale?  Colcannon!  

On the Farm…

We are still adjusting to the slower pace that comes with the end of the season.  Getting some projects done that got pushed to the side during the big growing season.  We’ve gotten to do some visiting and help out some friends by milking their cows when they went on vacation.  A couple of steers went to the butcher this week.  We will have broiler chickens as well as stewing hens in the web store soon.  We are still deciding on the best day to deliver them, but we will email everyone about it soon.  The snow was really flying on Tuesday morning, though it didn’t stick around for long.  We have been enjoying some mild days and hope you all enjoyed Halloween and election day!  Enjoy your box.  Next week will be the last delivery of Winter CSA boxes.

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