Winter week 4

Pie Pumpkin

Butternut squash









much of the same as last few weeks. this is the nature of the colder months ahead. what we have now is what we will have until Spring. 

What is up with these carrots?  carrot planting failed on the first try, hot weather and dry conditions forced us to replant. Then it got cold this fall sooner than average (we have had night time temps in the teens) so they haven’t really had enough growing degree days to size up. The taste is great though. roast them whole if are making a crock pot roast or a bird in the oven. Or with brussel sprouts and onions. what you have are TRUE baby carrots. but we thought the taste was worth all the trouble we went to digging in the partially frozen wet ground.


This is the last week for the brussel sprouts. Spinach will keep coming, and more Butternut squash. Broccoli is not too happy with the colder weather but still seems to be pushing on despite it. More kale on the way as well. and we will have potatoes onions and garlic and one more round of celeriac… 


We will have some chicken posted in our webstore soon! we will send an email to let you know.  stock up for the winter chicken soup season. 

until then..

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