Week 9; August 2, 2012

What’s in the box?

Full Share

sweet corn

new potatoes

bell peppers

green beans

slicer tomatoes

heirloom tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

sweet onions



melon (watermelon or cantaloupe)

bunch of mint

single share

sweet corn

watermelon or cantaloupe

green beans

new potatoes


bell peppers

cherry tomatoes

heirloom tomatoes

slicer tomatoes

sweet onion


Notes on the box….

Please see the last few weeks blog posts for storage tips on tomatoes, cukes, and summer squash/zukes.

WAtermelon and cantaloupe should be stored in the fridge, but cantaloupe tastes sweeter if you let it come to room temp before eating.

Bell peppers can be stored in your crisper for about 2 weeks.  No need to put them in a plastic bag.

Sweet onions are not cured, so they store best n your fridge.

New potatoes can be stored at room temperature, but because they have not been cured, they won’t last as long as regular potatoes — several days instead of several weeks. When refrigerated, the starch will begin to convert to sugar, so if they’re chilled for very long they’ll taste sweet.

Keep your mint with the stems in a glass with a little water at the bottom in your fridge.   


Smitten Kitchen’s Bacon Corn Hash

Smitten Kitchen’s zucchini Rice Gratin with tomatoes

Thanks for the link, Emily!  Corn Fritter Salad Stack

Another stack!  Tomato Salad Stack with corn and bacon

Watermelon or cantaloupe Sweet Tea and Watermelon Mint Lemonaid (recipes call for seedless watermelon, but we don’t grow seedless because they are VERY vulnerable to disease, makes it hard to grow Organic, and the seed is SUPER expensive.  You can put the watermelon through a food mill or scoop the seedy part out with a spoon.)

Sorry for all the links, packing went quite late plus family visiting equals not much time for finding recipes, but if you have any to share, please add them to the comments or pass them along to us.

On the farm…

If you want canning tomatoes or sweet corn for the freezer, next week looks like we will have more available in the web store.  We always try to fit as much produce as we have and as we can into your boxes when we pack.  We plant quite a lot extra to cover for pests, bad weather, or anything else that nature may throw our way.  When we have more than we can safely pack into your boxes (we can’t cram so many tomatoes in that they get smashed or bruised) we offer them to our members who would like some for canning or freezing.  If you have any questions about the canning tomaotes or freezer corn, please ask!

In your box we put in a flier about the Pizza party we will be having on August 18.  Here is the info again:

at Turnip Rock Farm 8628 County Highway AA, New Auburn WI (about a 2 hour drive from the Twin Cities)

All are welcome to join us in celebrating some new additions to Turnip Rock this season.  We will be combining our fresh vegetables, pastured meats, and introducing Turnip Rock Farmstead Cheeses into delicious pizzas.  These will be baked in our new wood fired Earth Oven.  So come out and enjoy and evening of fun and food on the farm.

We will be serving pizzas from 2 pm till sundown for a suggested donation.  There will be farm tours happening throughout the day, a great way to get to know your farm and farmers.

please RSVP to turniprock@gmail.com (so we may properly plan our food quantities. But don’t be discouraged if you decide to drive out last minute, we’d love to see you!)

Also, the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down.  Join us for an evening bonfire and camp out.  Please include with RSVP if you would like to camp.  Space is limited on the farm, but there are many great places to camp in the area.

lovely sweet onions!

picked a peck of pretty peppers!


picking corn first thing in the morn…

just picked sweet corn eaten in the field. one of the perks of being a farmer!

packing time!

grandma and pawpaw are visiting… let the good times roll!

Derek and Otto putting the finishing touches on the Pizza oven!

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