Week 3; June 21, 2012

What’s in the box?

Full Share:

romaine lettuce

loose leaf spinach

lacinato kale


garlic scapes

salad turnips




Single Share:

romaine lettuce


lacinato kale

loose leaf spinach

garlic scapes


Some notes on the box…

We got hit with a lot of rain.  Not as much as some other farms, but enough that it’s made harvest time pretty muddy.  So expect to see some dirt on your head lettuce and expect that you should give everything (even the strawberries!) a good rinse before eating it.  The big raindrops make soil splash up onto the plants, and although we wash them, there’s still some dirt on there.

We thought we would have snap peas this week, but they weren’t quite ready yet.  Next week for sure!

The romaine lettuce is one that we really like.  It is nice and crunchy.  Store it in an open plastic bag in the crisper of your fridge.

The broccoli is coming quick with this sudden hot weather.  It looks and tastes great!  We have a whole lot of it in the field.

The spinach is so tender and when it rained hard two nights in a row, it got kind of beat up.  We were planning on bunching it, but it was just too muddy so we cut it loose leaf and bagged it.  It’s not the prettiest spinach, but it’s still tasty.  Tender enough for salads, but good cooked as well.

The garlic scapes will look familiar to you if you are a returning member.  In our survey from last season we had several people say that they hadn’t tried scapes before and that they really liked them.  We hope that those folks enjoy these and we hope that our new members try them and enjoy them as well!  They are fantastic coated with a little olive oil and put whole on the grill!  Sprinkle with a little salt and maybe pepper.  Such a treat!  The scapes are the immature flower and stem from the bulb of garlic.  We take them off to help the bulb grow bigger, and also because they are such a seasonal treat.  You can use them as you would a green onion, but it will have a garlicy flavor, or you can use them as you would garlic cloves, but they will give a milder garlic flavor.  They can be stored in your crisper for a few weeks.

Salad turnips or Hakurei turnips are ones that we haven’t grown much before.  We had a limited number of seed, so we only had enough bunches for the full shares.  We will see if some of the smaller ones in the field size up for single shares next week.  Store them like radishes.  The tops make a fine stand in for arugula and the lovely white roots are so sweet.  We have not tried them cooked because they barely make it into the house to get onto the plates.  They are fantastic for plain unadorned munching.  It’s the only was I can reccomend eating them as it’s the only way we’ve tried them so far.  Otto is crazy about these guys, so we know these are kid friendly.

It was a great week and then it was the worst week in the Strawberry patch.  On Sunday all was looking very promising with berries sizing up nicely and much fewer catface berries than the last couple of weeks.  Then we got a heavy beating rain followed by bright sunshine and some serious heat which literally cooked the wet berries.  The slugs are also really bad in this wet weather and they do some significant damage on the berries. We had a heartbreaking time picking and having to throw out berries that were perfect and beautiful on one side and total mush on the other.  Lots of searching with not many passable berries to be found.  We only had enough for full shares, but maybe if the weather turns around we might be able to get them for half shares next week.  Note that some of the berries came from next season’s patch and need a rinse to clean off the dirt.


Super Rad Radish and Broccoli Stir fry

We made this stir fry at the farm 3 times in 4 days because it’s so easy but so tasty.  With these veggies it’s usually best to just let the flavor of the vegetables shine.  They don’t need much dressing up.   Chop up garlic scapes, broccoli stalk (keep florets separate), and radishes.  Set aside.  In a bowl, scramble some eggs with a little salt.  Put some vegetable oil in your wok and heat it up.  Put the eggs in and stir until they are cooked scrambled egg style.  Remove them from the wok.  Add a little more oil if you need to and then put in the garlic, broccoli stems, and radish.  Stir fry for a few minutes.  Add broccoli florets and some soy sauce (not too much, just a couple of splashes)  and stir it around until broccoli is tender but still crisp.  Turn off the heat, mix in the eggs.  That’s it!  Serve with udon or soba noodles, or rice.

Broccoli Parmesan Fritters from Smitten Kitchen

Here’s a list of several suggestions and recipes for Garlic Scapes from Serious Eats

Kale Chips are everywhere now!  In bags at the grocery store?!  But they are SO EASY to make at home!  Our wonderful Robbinsdale host, Paula,  introduced us to this several years ago and it would be wrong of me not to suggest it.  The recipe in this link has pictures.  This is a great way to help warm up those kale skeptics.  P.S. You can make these chips and then crush them up and sprinkle them on popcorn!  What?!  YES!

On the farm…..

Let me get this farmer weather complaint out of my system…..  That’s enough rain, thanks!!!  Can someone make it stop please?!

Folks, the bugs are EVERYWHERE this season.  With the mild Winter, early Spring, and warm weather there have been an abundance of bugs.    We’ve seen so many insects that we have never even seen before.  At least a dozen that are brand new to us.  And the slugs are all over everything with the high moisture we’ve had lately.  We have some Organic approved sprays, but have so far decided not to use them because although there are pests, there are also a lot of beneficial insects out there that the sprays would kill.  We are watching the battles closely between the good guys and bad guys and if it looks like the bad guys are winning to the detriment of our crops, we will spray.  What this means for you is that you may find the occasional slug, caterpillar, worm, or bug on your produce.  The bugs on the produce are herbivores that want to eat your veggies, not bite you.  We want to encourage a balance of good to bad insects on our farm and avoid using even the Organic approved sprays as much as possible.  Wash your veggies and keep an eye out as you prepare them and all should be well.  With all the farm food that we cook and eat I’ve only had a lady bug in a salad make it to the plate.

Hey, who are you??

Standing water. Too wet to cultivate so now we have some serious weeds creeping in.

funny farm

fancy sky

Next week?



sugar snap peas

garlic scapes

summer squash

swiss chard or another green


strawberries for some?

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  1. Robin said

    I am so totally hooked on the broccoli fritters. WOW!!

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