We are excited to announce that we will be delivering the first CSA box of the season this Thursday, June 7.  It’s a week earlier than we had planned, but the berries are coming in and we have some beautiful spinach that wants to get to your kitchen!

Please mark your calendar and make sure that you have been getting emails from us.  We have sent one with information about delivery times and directions at your chosen drop site.  If you haven’t gotten any emails, make sure we are on your safe list.

What can you expect in the first box?

strawberries (we will likely give berries to either single OR full shares depending on how many are ready.  If you don’t get them this week, you will get them next week.  If there’s enough, everyone will get them!)

herb pot

green garlic



eggs!  (we will be putting pullet eggs in all the boxes this week.  If you would prefer that we not put eggs in your box, please let us know and we will leave them out)

So please read your email and check out your member account and the “pick-up directions” tab for all the details of your drop site.  Also, if you are a first time member or a returning member who needs a refresher, watch this short video about how to unfold your CSA box without ripping it so that we can re-use it!

Here’s the video made by Springdale Farm in Plymouth, WI.

Or if you’d rather just look at some pictures, here’s a few to help you out


  1. Eve said


  2. Karrie Bennett said

    Love everything for our first box. Though we were missing some strawberries. Not to worry though, the eggs more then made up for it. We also had a bit of a blunder trying to find the box as we were looking for live people to be there with it. Oops. Got it all straight and had we looked at the website first we would have know these minor details. Can’t wait till next week. Love it.

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