still growing…

Things are growing along nicely.  The weather is quite cool today for the end of May, but the brassicas are loving it.  Most all of the crops are in the ground and growing.   Our focus shifts from mostly planting and weeding to mostly weeding (and soon harvesting!).  Here are some pictures from last week…

stormy sky last week

an amazing sky before the rain

in the greenhouse, tomatoes

B’s Bees are keeping some hives at our farm and helping us with our polination needs. Yay for bees!

green berry!

strawberry flowers

garlic patch with rock pile in the background

crop walk through the brassicas

broccoli plants looking nice under their cover

One day after putting up the trellis, the peas are grabbing on! The farm crew is pleased.

crop walking

Craig and the cows share a special bond.

So that’s a little taste of what’s going on.  First box still planning on June 14th, though the berries may have other plans.  We will let you know if we change the date.  For now, still plan on June 14th.

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