a long row to hoe….

The weeds have decided to germinate again this year.  In the beds of carrots, the carrots and the weeds were the same size!  Oh no!  So time for your heroic farmers to come in and save the carrots!

How many feet of carrots?  We planted 4 beds of carrots.  Each bed is 400 feet.  Each bed has 3 rows.  4800 feet of carrots!  So that’s what they mean by “a long row to hoe.”  Grow carrots, grow!!

Eating carrots is good for your eyes and you gotta have some good eyes to see the carrots in those weeds!

We’ve also been planting lots of crops into the fields.  We’ve planted tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and SWEET CORN!

Craig and Cassandra “popping” the corn. Squeezing the bottom of the cell that the plants grow in so that they pop out easily when planting.

Corn planting on the transplanter. Notice how few rocks you can see in the beds?! That’s because of our amazing new tool called a “stone burrier” It’s making things go so much smoother this Spring!

We had a few days with a few inches of rain making it too wet to get into the field.  At the same time, half the crew got sick (good timing guys!) so Derek and Cassandra (and Otto) worked on building a wood fired pizza oven in the back yard!  Can’t wait to test it out!

We are also raising some broiler chickens.  They will be ready to order in June.  Here they are in their coop.  The are a breed known as FREEDOM RANGERS!  They grow a little slower than the standard cornish cross and have slightly smaller breast, but the flavor is exceptional.  We will let you know when it’s time to order.

Is this a look of curiosity or is it the stink eye?

Otto helps with gathering eggs from the hens.  Here he is climbing the ramp into the coop.

How’s it going, ladies?

So that’s what we’ve been up to!  We are looking forward to the first delivery which we are still planning for June 14th.  We will let you know if we change the date to June 7 (if the strawberries happen to be ready  by that date)!  Hope all is well!  Keep an eye out for an email about your dropsite in the next couple of weeks!

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