seedlings in the greenhouse

We have shares left, but anticipate that we will be full up on our membership by the end of the month.  If you have not reserved your spot yet, please go to our website and do so now!  If you can’t remeber if you have signed up for the season and would like to double check, email us or give us a call.  We don’t want anyone to get left out!

We have been keeping with our normal planting schedule in the greenhouse.  We’ve been through several seasons of all types of weather and the only thing that has been consistant is that  the weather can turn on a dime.  With the warm Spring, we have gone through less than half the amount of propane that we would in a normal year to heat our greenhouses.  The plants are happily growing.  We will be doing direct seeding in the field likely this week.  We are just waiting on our soil to dry up a little bit more to avoid compaction and waiting for the soil temp to go up a bit more so the seeds will germinate better.

Here’s a look in the greenhouse.

heirloom tomatoes for the greenhouse

green magic!


in the onion jungle!

lookin good!

We also moved the laying hens from their winter locations out to the pasture where they will live with the cows and eat lots of grass and bugs and lay the healthiest eggs that are THE BEST!  Sorry if you  haven’t signed up, yet….  Egg shares are  SOLD OUT for 2012.

Winter Home

Winter Home

on the move

grand opening!

done being cooped up!

free birds!

farmer Josh, farmer Otto, and the 2012 laying flock

Craig and Lauren are back for another season! Welcome Derek!

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