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Marching into SPRING!!

Hi everyone!

If you’ve signed up already, many thanks and we are looking forward to the coming season!  We are planning our first delivery for June 14, but that day may change depending on what the weather does.  We will let you know for sure closer to the date and be sending emails in May with info about your drop site and picking up your box.  Till then, you can check back here periodically to see what we are up to on the farm.

If you are thinking about signing up, we are still accepting members and you can sign up by going to our webpage and clicking the “sign up” link.  If you are considering it, please feel free to look through the blog posts to see what we packed in the boxes last season and to get a feel for the farm.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us at

We will be doing a meat delivery to the twin cities on March 30th, and the pork is for sale at discounted prices!  So go to our web store and order some yummy pork!

This weather has us thinking that we are running behind, but then we remember that it’s only mid-March (not May!) and we are right on track.  Our 2012 crew will be showing up within the next few weeks and in the mean time we are planting, cleaning up, doing chores, fixing tractors and getting equipment greased up and ready to go….  Here’s a glimpse of life at Turnip Rock lately.

seeds for planting!

Josh planting onions

Josh teaching Otto to plant onions

covering seeds

Otto is a quick study

Thanks from your farmers!

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