Week 10; August 25, 2011

If you ordered canning tomatoes, freezer corn, or cukes, or melons, please find the extra boxes or bags with your name on them at your drop site.  Thanks!  

Harvest Party will be on Sat. September 17th!  Potluck, hayrides, bonfire…FUN!

What’s in the box?

full share 

sweet corn

cantaloupe (or watermelon)

green beans

green peppers




cherry tomatoes

single share

sweet corn






green peppers

cherry tomatoes

Notes on the box….

Wow!  Everything is ripe all at once!  We had to make some tough decisions about how much of one thing or another to put in your boxes this week.  More corn and less green peppers?  More tomatoes and less cukes?  Put in the melon and hold off on carrots?  More green beans and call it quits on the zukes and summer squash?  We hope you like what we decided to put in the boxes.  We think they are quite nice.

We didn’t have enough of one type of melon to give to everyone, so you all got farmers choice of the mix that were ready to go.  The cantaloupe are ripe and ready to eat!  If you can’t get to them right away, put them in your fridge.  They are super sweet and will attract fruit flies if left out.  Did you get an oblong melon that when you cut it open is a cream or slightly beige color?  That is an heirloom watermelon called sweet Siberian.  Sorry that we didn’t have enough of these to go around, but the germination on these heirlooms can be pretty spotty.  Anyway, they are delicious with a nice almost floral flavor.  The dark, round watermelon that is ripe inside is tasty as is, or makes a great watermelon lemonade (seed the watermelon then put it in the blender and mix with some lemon juice and dissolved sugar or honey), OR you can make some sort of watermelon cocktail.  There are a million amazing sounding watermelon drink recipes out there.   Summer only lasts so long, enjoy it while it’s here!

We tried to put as many tomatoes as possible in everyones box without crushing them.  If you find a tomato that is squished or split, eat it first.  Tomatoes and garlic should be stored outside of the fridge (If any of your tomatoes are split or very very ripe and you can’t eat them right away, put those in the fridge and then use them in a cooked tomato recipe like tomato tarts or the baked stuffed tomato recipe from last weeks blog).

We skipped green beans for half shares this week in order to give you more corn and melons and tomatoes.  We can only fit so much into the boxes!


Three Bean Salad

Summer Corn Salad from 101cookbooks

These recipes are from the dinner on the farm.  We had requests for them so here they are even though they include things that are not in the boxes this week:

Josh’s Mustard Coleslaw

1 large head cabbage, shredded (mix of green and red is nice); 1 large red onion, diced; 1/4 cup white sugar; 1 cup white vinegar; 3/4 cup vegetable oil; 1 tablespoon salt;  1 tablespoon dry mustard; black pepper to taste.  Mix it all up.  Just gets better as it sits, so feel free to make it a several days before serving or keep serving it over several days.

Tomato Tarts

Heat oven to 350.  Flour your work surface.  Roll out some thawed puff pastry till thin.  Prick all over with a fork.  Put about a Tbsp grated cheese in a clump every four or five inches.  Slice your tomato into thin rounds.  Place a round on top of each clump of cheese.  Cut around each tomato (either by cutting out with a round cookie cutter or cutting into squares that the tomato sits in the middle of) leaving some dough around the edges of the tomato.  Season with a little drizzle of olive oil and some salt and freshly ground pepper.  Place tarts onto a cookie sheet with parchment and bake until edges are brown and tomato looks kind of dried out (about 25 min).  Garnish with fresh basil or oregano before serving.

Melon Sorbetto  we made this for desert, but we made a batch with watermelon and one with cantaloupe and then mixed them together.  We cut the sugar in half.  Served with

Fairy Gingerbread  this recipe is great and the link provides you some photos that will be super helpful.

On the farm…..

We had a really great time at the fundraiser dinner for Harvest for the Hungry last Saturday.  We had near to 50 visitors and raised over $700 for Harvest for the Hungry.  That means 1400 pounds of food will be donated from our farm to the foodshelf.  We could not fit any more food into the boxes or into the van this week; but still, we have quite a lot left over that we already harvested.  We are happy to bring this surplus to the food shelf in order to help those who need healthy, fresh food but otherwise do not have access to it.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this possible!  Meeting our members is a great treat for us.  We are so lucky to have such enthusiastic eaters who are so supportive and who really believe in what we are doing.  It makes the hard days a lot easier when we think of you and your families enjoying what we grow.  I don’t know if you all have noticed it, but the days are getting shorter, the air crisper, and the sun lower in the sky.  This weeks CSA box will help you enjoy a nice summery weekend…..

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