Week 7, Aug 4

We will be heading to the twin cities this weekend, so if anyone wanted to order pork last week, but didn’t get around to it, you can order now for a delivery this Saturday!

What’s in the box?

Full share

beets (some are golden)


sweet onions



a wee bit of tomatoes

patty pan squash

summer squash

new potatoes




Single Share

beets (some are golden)


patty pan squash


a little bit of tomatoes






I think this chilled sesame noodles with zucchini sounds great, and you can substitute beet greens for chard.

Also thought I’d pass this along.  Apparently it’s zuchinni week!

and this zucchini fritter recipe

Sorry to let the food blogs do the work, but here’s several options for the beets and the beet greens.

Hope to add a few more recipes soon.  Check back!

Some notes on the box….

The cauliflower, again, may have cabbage loopers in it.  Our apologies.  It’s proof of our guarantee that we don’t use chemicals.  If you soak the cauliflower in cold salted water before cooking, any worms should hopefully fall out.  We always dunk the produce in cold water to get off dirt and bugs, but there may be a few hangers-on.  We also saw a few slugs because of the unbelievably wet weather.  This cauliflower is slightly less beautiful than last weeks, but it is still tasty.  This will be the last of the cauliflower until fall.  Eat it up soon, it’s better the fresher you enjoy it.  If you are unable to get to it in 2 weeks, you can freeze it by cutting it into small florets, blanching it for 3 min, rinsing with cold water, drain, and put into freezer bags.  Best used for soups or stews after it’s been frozen.

This is the first time we have grown golden beets and we think they are very beautiful.  The greens are edible, but look a little worse for the ware also because of the rain.

Sweet onions are a summertime favorite.  They can be eaten fresh on burgers or put into potato salad or other salads.  They are less pungent than storage onions.

New Potatoes are another treat for this time of year.  We wanted to give you more, but we were unable to get out into the field because of the rain.  Wash them well, but be careful with the skin. It’s pretty delicate.

Hope you enjoy this small sample of tomatoes.  You can expect to get more next week and more the week after that and more the week after that and on and on in increasing quantities until the first frost.  That is if all this rain doesn’t cause them all to split.

On the farm….

So maybe you have noticed that the rain has put a real damper on things.  Last month we got over 7 inches and the first two days of August brought us another 2 inches.  We have standing water in the fields.  Harvesting is much more difficult when we sink above our ankles into the mud with every step we take.  Just a few weeks ago we were musing on how our Summer crops looked the best that we had ever seen them look, and now we watch them wilt sadly as they drown.  BUT, that’s just what it looks like from here.  We think that the boxes will fill up nicely because we over planted quite a bit just in case something like this happened.  Next week we will have sweet corn in the boxes!  This week is looking like it’s supposed to stay nice and dry and sunny.  Plants are amazingly resilient, so we think a lot of things will bounce back.

hopefully the onions are cleaner than this when you get them.

looks like you got some dirt on your shoes

vegetable maths

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