Scratch that…. First box is going to be JUNE 23!

We notified our members by email earlier this week and have been met with much understanding and support about our decision…

I know we said delivery would be this week, but after much deliberation delivery will be delayed until JUNE 23rd.

This does not mean less boxes! We will still be delivering the full 18 weeks. The reason for this decision is 1) We’d rather not give you a light box of produce that’s not quite sized up if we don’t have to, which is what would have happened this week 2) We think your overall seasonal value will go up if we start next week. Produce is more abundant in the fall, so there is no need to push a light box in the front of the season when we will more likely have abundance at the end of the season.

We recorded a 36 degree night here on Sat, and the temps just have not been warm enough to get things to grow fast enough. This combined with the one month delay in planting of the early salad greens and broccoli family. We have hit mid June and it still is looking like Mid-Late May compared to other seasons.

On a high note, we are spotting the very first ripe strawberries, and the tiny sweet peas starting to form. The summer crops are looking great, and baring any major weather events or frost we will be swimming in tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, and peppers, right on schedule.

So, we hope you all can bear with us and forgive us for the false alarm. Please adjust your calendars for the delay and keep your fingers crossed for some nice warm weather to keep things growing along!

So, just what is going to be in this elusive first box?

What’s growing on?


head lettuce


rainbow chard

herb pot  (one the first week and another the second week)

green garlic


Thanks and we are really looking forward to next week!

Also, if you are not getting our emails please let us know so that we can fix it.

Oh, and check out this great comment from our member Kristina about the pork… “We received our pork delivery last Saturday and made some pork chops on the grill. They were amazing! They looked like huge, thick T-bone steaks! We seasoned with kosher salt and pepper and topped them with Harissa sauce – Yummy! Thank you, Turnip Rock!! You ROCK!”

Thank you, Kristina!

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  1. Thanks for the updates – we’re very excited/happy for our first box, but even happier to know you’re taking care to make sure the first box is worth our excitement! Everything sounds delicious…

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