We are SOLD OUT for 2011… welcome aboard everyone!

We are really appreciative and very thankful for those of you who signed up early and made our lives so easy this spring. We only went to one CSA fair (in the past we have gone to at least 4) and we met some really nice new members. Other than that, most of you have returned from last season or were refered to us by a friend, and that is great.  We are heavily relying on word of mouth and doing our best to have you all happy enough to come back again and again. So thanks for spreading the word and we will do our best to live up to the standard we have been striving to create.

It is our philosophy that CSA is much more than just buying food, but a relationship between the farm and its members that is built on trust and respect. I always use this analogy, but I think it fits well… When you need some car repairs done, if you can help it, you don’t just go to any ol’ shop you are near at the time. You go to the mechanic that you trust with your car. And you tell your friends how good that mechanic has been to you. This is the foundation of any good business.  You all know that you can trust we won’t be putting petroleum chemicals on your food, that we strive for a fully mineralized and balanced soil so you get the most nutritious food, that our workers are treated well and paid fairly, that we take the appropriate precautions with all of our growing practices to help minimize the risk that is inherent in farming. Thank you for trusting us with your food.  I am filled with hope for the future that  there are people like you that believe in this kind of food system.

Ultimately we know that it has to be an economically viable way for you to eat. Or you won’t do it again. We will do our darndest to make sure you receive the value you expect in your boxes this summer. Without very much gripe.

But now that I mention gripe, MAN, this cold wet weather is getting us anxious.  You see, we don’t live in that heat pocket of the cities, even in a warm spring we are at least 1 week behind the cities on mundane things like, mowing the grass, or having the first peonies, or smelling the first lilac blossoms of the spring. But to top it off, this spring we have been hit with at least 8-10 inches more snow than our neighbors to the north and west,  which meant a later melt, which ment wetter fields and now we are consistently getting rain every week. We have standing water in the yard, and in any imperseevible low spot in the field.  But not to worry, nothing is ruined and eventually we will be on our way to sunny and warm spring weather. Our first delivery was planned for June 9, but we may have to move that date back.  We will let you know as the time comes closer.

This cool and slow spring has allowed us to really getting some maintenance and building projects done on the farm.

New doors on the packing shed, raised beds in the greenhouses, Herb Pots are planted out,  Pasture fencing projects are under way, dead trees are being removed from tree lines. equipment maintenance is being done… Trucks, tractors, vans are all getting stuck in the mud. Not only that, but we also get time to watch enthralling videos about SOIL SCIENCE  and have educational experiences like calculating the number of plants needed for a proper harvest this June-Oct. It’s great. Until we remember that we really have to get something planted, no math or science will save us. Farming is IN FACT a performance art. So needless to say, we are feeling the pressures of spring like every other year, but this year has felt good to know that our members are behind us 110%.

Events coming up…

May 20-29  The Black Forest Inn (german restaurant, East 26th St Minneapolis) Will be hosting their annual Spargelfest (asparagus festival) May27th they will be donating 20% of food sales to our Harvest for the Hungry program. That money will be matched dollar for dollar, just like your individual donations, to purchase produce from our farm to go to food shelves all across the metro area.   Food shelf use is on the rise in a big way and much of that food in the foodshelves,well, frankly I wouldn’t really call food. We love supporting this program so if you get a chance, visit the Black Forest. http://www.blackforestinnmpls.com/pgs/spargelfest.php

We are also making plans for this summer’s Meet your farmers BBQ/Potluck. We are hoping to have 1-2 events this summer in a public park near a dropsite or in an area that is accessible to many of our members. We understand how hard it is to get out to the farm, so we will bring some of the farm to you.  We bring the pulled pork and sausages, and you bring a dish to pass with us and other members. We can play some flag tag, or Kube, or any just laze around in the shade. If anyone has any suggestions, we were thinking of Powderhorn park, but we are open to ideas. Sometime in say… August?


  1. Kerstin said

    Como Park in Saint Paul (close to Roseville too) has a giant pavilian and field to play in as well. If you reserve it early it would be a great place! I’m so glad I was referred to you guys!

  2. Emily seru said

    How about a gathering at como park in saint Paul?

  3. Marne said

    Yay, I’m so excited for the first box and the meet and greet. Will you be posting info on farm visit/volunteer opportunities?

  4. Nancy Prince said

    I really want Turnip Rock Farm events at the farm. Living in Stillwater, I rarely go over to Minneapolis. If you do have events in a park in the city, I hope you would still welcome a short visit at the farm.

    • turniprock said

      We will definately still have events at the farm! And members (and others) are always welcome to come out for a visit! Let us know when you’d like to visit and youcan join us for lunch!

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