Winter week #2

What’s in the box?




delicata winter squash (oblong yellow ones)



acorn winter squash (dark green with deep ribs)


rainbow chard

broccoli side shoots



a few notes on the box…

Radishes will keep longer if you remove the tops and store the roots in a plastic bag in the crisper.  Chard and parsley can also go into an open plastic bag in the crisper.  Chard can be cooked as you would spinach.  Just chop the stalks first and sautee them ahead of time then add the leafy part as they cook quickly.  Winter Squash, onions, potatoes, and garlic should be stored out of the fridge.  Winter squash will keep quite well on your counter and is nice and festive.  It can be cut in half, seeds removed, oil a pan and place cut side down.  Roast in the oven at 35o to 400 until a fork easily pokes into the squash.  Enjoy with butter and chopped parsley or butter and brown sugar.


recipes to come this evening.  please check back!  If you need an idea right away, lots of things in the box can be roasted (winter squash, root veggies, even broccoli) so get the oven cranked up and enjoy some hot food and a cozy kitchen!

on the farm…

60 miles per hour wind blew over our chicken coop!  whoops!  Don’t worry, the chickens were all okay and the coop should be righted and will be fine as well.

Hope you are well and not blowing away!

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  1. Rudyinparis said

    Aargh! These winter share posts are torture–since we didn’t buy a winter share! I’m totally kicking myself. Now we know for next year…

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