the 2010 season BEGINS!


Hello folks!  We are anticipating the first delivery of the 2010 growing season!  It will be on JUNE 10 for our members signed up for Summer or Full shares.  Half share members picking up at B Natural, RiverMarket, Roseville, Graco, NorthEast, Robbinsdale, Ecopolitan, and MCAD will pick up their first box on JUNE 10.  Half Share members picking up at Cake Eater, Hiawatha, Butter Bakery, SunnySide Gardens, or Eden Prairie will pick up their first box on JUNE 17.  HALF SHARE MEMBERS… Please check your email for the delivery dates for this season!!  

Pick-up will go something like this….. You will receive an email letting you know that your box has arrived at the dropsite you signed up for.  The email will also have  a link to the farmblog which will have such pertinent information as what is in the box and what will be in the next weeks  box.  It will also include recipes, pictures, stories, and other farmy things. Newsletter will be all online.  Yay for less paper!

You will go to the dropsite and find the box with Turnip Rock Farm sticker on it. Your box will be labeled with your name (or if you are splitting a box, it might have your share partners name).


CSA box with Turnip Rock sticker and label with YOUR NAME



  All the boxes are packed with the same quantities of the same veggies, but we label them so that if someone hasn’t picked up their box, the host can easily see who it is and can contact that person.   After you find the box with your name on it, please unload the veggies into your own bags.  We re-use the boxes.  Here is how to open the box without ripping it:

step 1


it's open!


After you have unpacked your veggies, please unfold your box like so:




 flip it upside down   

Stack your boxes neatly as a favor to your host!  

Take your veggies home and store them properly.  Enjoy! If you are splitting a share with someone it is up to you to decide how you would like to do it.  Some people alternate weeks for picking up the box.  Some people get together and half things up.  Some people cook dinners for each other…  It’s your choice!  Please be in contact with your share partner and have fun with it! We are really excited about this season and look forward many happy harvests!

If you have any questions, please contact us. Also look out for any emails you might get from your dropsite host. Thanks!

Oh yeah….   What’s gonna be in that first box?!


green garlic

head lettuce

salad mix

swiss chard or kale

an herb pot for your window (another one the following week)

maybe spinach


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  1. melinda said

    Love the step by step image tutorial on opening and breaking down the boxes!!!

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