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May flowers

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one sweet cow


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give a little update on the happenings here in New Auburn.  Memberships are still rolling in and we are so greatful for everyone who is helping to promote a more sane and environmentally sound way of buying and producing food. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, soo..

Lets see if I can bore you with numbers

Here is how many row feet we have planted of each crop

Broccoli, 5600 ft

Cabbage,  4800

lettuce, 3200

Onions  25,200!

Cauliflower, 2400

Peas, 2400

those are one pea row. 

30 Pear tress

400 herb Pots

Rosemary, Oregano, Tyme, Sage


In a ‘bio’ Pot made from compressed fiber, not plastic. 

22 Piglets



Thousands of tomatoes, i don’t even know.  8 different heirlooms, two Roma types and many round red ones



1.5 acres of Potatoes

One Giant pumpkin

giant pumpkin


50 new laying hens. Eggs anyone?  maybe this fall. 

cool chicks

12 acres of cover crop )field peas, and barely/oats/rye underseeded with clover. 

plus so much more. 

Looks like we might be staying in the high 50’s out here after this Fri Night SNOW out here (not much stuck to the ground) plus another chance of rain this Tues/Wed. 

we’ll be focusing on getting the new pole barn up as well as having a new irrigation well put in.  As soon as the temps moderate and the soil dries up enough to pick rock and plant we will be back out in the field planting all those lovely summer crops.

barn site


 Nothing was hurt by the frost, we covered some things, but most of the Brassica (Broccoli) family crops are okay down to the low 20’s 

     We don’t want everyone to be under any false assumptions we are starting earlier this year because of the early spring weather. We stick to the planting schedule as usually,  primarily because this IS the Upper Midwest and It IS Spring. You never know what the weather will do.  We are not pushing plants out earlier, and you should be thankful for that because we are not taking more risk than neccessary with your produce.

Our Estimated delivery date will be June 10

here is what we are planning for the first box. 

1/2 lb Peas,1-2 bu. Spinach, 1 bu Radishes, 2lbs Broccoli,1 bu Green Onions, 1 Herb basket, 2 Heads lettuce, 1 bu Kale


Josh and Rama

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