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Winter at Turnip Rock Farm

We often get the question, “What do you do in the Winter?”  

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

seed order, crop planning, planting schedule

equipment maintenance

making a new brochure

trying to decide on a logo (this one is VERY HARD.  We got some really amazing submissions)

updating the web site

planning a fundraiser for Emergency Foodshelf Network’s Harvest for the Hungry program

meeting with our restaurants: Sen Yai Sen Lek, Ecopolitan, Bedlam Theatre, Butter Bakery Cafe, and the soon to open Cake Eater

delivering pork to our members who ordered it

planning a solar greenhouse and a barn

meeting with and interviewing potential workers for next season

book-keeping and taxes

eating all that canned and frozen food that we put up

talking with and meeting with our other farmer friends

keeping the fire going and the house warm

and finally, because we had too much time, we got a milk cow.  Her name is Carl and she is just about the sweetest cow in the world.  So now we milk twice a day (8 and 8, Carl can’t wait!).  We’ve been making butter, 5 kinds of cheese (so far), yogurt, ice cream, crème brûlée, and on and on and on.  It’s quite an adventure and a challenge to stay ahead of three gallons of milk everyday.  Luckily, we still have our sows and a boar to eat up anything we can’t deal with right away.  

We’ve also been spending time with friends and family.  We’ve also been taking some time to sit around and cuddle with the dogs.  These are things we don’t get to do enough of in the thick of the growing season.  

8 and 8


Another thing we’ve been doing is reading books.  During the Summer we generally fall asleep as soon as we pick a book up.  Winter time with these cold days and the snow blowing around, it’s time to read.  Mostly it’s farm related non-fiction, but we are also getting to enjoy some fiction, poetry, some of those books we should have read a long time ago (just getting to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle), and re-reading old favorites.    

It’s nice to have this time, but we are getting super excited for spring.  The action in the greenhouse starts next month as we get everything ready for the first of March when we will start seeding in the greenhouse.  By April we are just about warmed up and by May it’s full steam until the end of November.  We enjoy our time to dream and plan the next season.

 If our dreams come true next season… It will never be to warm or too cold.  There’s not too much or too little rain.  The weeds will die easily under our cultivators.  The tractors and delivery van will run perfectly for the entire season.   The soil will yield copious amounts of hefty and tasty vegetables.  The new varieties of seed that we are trying this year will be fantastic.  We will get everything done efficiently and without injury.  We will not get sunburns.  We will be able to follow the biodynamic calendar through the entire season.  All of the cucumber beetles and potato beetles and cabbage loopers will freeze completely this Winter.  All of our members will be so happy and everyone will love every vegetable that they get in the box (even if they didn’t like it before).  We will have workers who always make delicious lunches and decide that they love every task involved in farm work.  We will write eloquent blogs with no spelling errors.  We will find a drop site in St. Paul.  And…the rocks will melt with the snow.  A farmer can dream, right?

If you’d like more information about joining for next season, please visit our website for more information.  

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