Yay! The Bonus Box! week 17…

Well.  Here it is.  The final box of the summer.  Punctuated with a nice strong frost, killing the tomato and pepper plants after we harvested them yesterday.  Nice timing, Ma Nature!

What’s in the box?


frost on the sunflowers

frost on the sunflowers


a few leeks

a bunch of carrots

 1.5 lbs broccoli/cauliflower

6 green bell peppers

a few sweet red peppers (not spicy)

1 bag of salad mix

6 lbs assorted tomatoes

a couple Winter squash-

Delecata, pie pumpkin, or acron

lunch in the fall sun.

lunch in the fall sun.

We have loved hearing back from you with your survey’s, thanks for getting those back to us. For the most part it feels like we are on the right track

One thing we noticed  was many of you were saying that the salad greens were too soggy, so we didn’t wash them this week. We hope that helps them keep longer at the expense of being a little gritty. immediate feed back is great, it helps us make a better box. Next year we hope to invest in some high tech salad spinners (old washing machines with a spin cycle) 

Winter shares are pretty much full at this point. but if you would like to sign up for next year or confirm a new or existing drop site, let us know. otherwise…..


DSC01364thank you so  much for signing up with us,and making this a successful growing season,  we hope to see you all next year. !!!!!!  We are off to clean up the fields and make plans for 2010.


Here is something Rama cooked up for the morning after breakfast for those who camped out on our farm after the Harvest Party. 

If you have any leftover squash, scrape the skins and put the squash meat into a backing dish and cover with a cheese, cheddar works, but what ever melts and suits your palate.

Here is a recipe for a Brazilian dish called Picadillo , it may help you use up some of those tomatoes and peppers, you can sub, onions for leeks, click here

Here is another recipe that looks quick and easy and in ONE pan!   Almost stuffed Peppers 

but according to the reviews you should add some tomatoes, they keep talking about canned tomatoes, but that is ridiculous, you have almost 6 lbs of fresh tomatoes. You have two options, pulse them in a food processor, or just chop ’em up and throw them on top. Let the heat do the rest.

In many instances, canning tomatoes takes more calories than what you have in the can, especially when they are trucked around the country… What a luxury eh? 

Happy cookin’ Ya’ll ! 

winter shares only next week. 

Here is what you should see in your winter share. 

Acorn, Butternut, and Sweet Dumpling, winter squash.

Perhaps a Jack O Lantern if we can figure out Logistics. 





Swiss Chard



  1. Heidi said

    Thanks Turnip Rock! It’s been a great summer. I’ll miss all the good fresh & look forward to next year.


  2. Sarah said

    Thank you for a great season!

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