Week 7: Root Party!

What’s in the box?

Week 7 Box

Week 7 Box


Green Top Carrots

Green Top Beets


Spring Onions

Mixed baby greens (aka braising mix)

Summer Squash


Some notes for this week:  

Take the tops off those carrots right away.  Just twist and pull.  Put the carrots in a plastic bag in the crisper.  The carrot tops can be chopped and thrown into stir fries or veggie soups!   Try it!

Take the tops off the beets, too.  The beet tops can be eaten.  Add the tops to the mixed baby greens, if you like.  Some of the beets are big and some are baby beets this week.  They are all really tasty.  You can cut off the tails the roast or boil them whole, halved, or quartered depending on the size.   Boiled beets are great chilled and added to a salad.  Or you can shred them and eat them raw with salads.  They pair well with nuts and blue cheese.  These are young beets and don’t necessarily need to be peeled.  I never Peel them.  To help the beets color not stain your hands too badly, either wear rubber gloves when cutting them or rub a tiny bit of olive oil on your hands (not enough that you are going to make the knife slip out of your hands) before you handle them.  It makes the stain easier to wash off.

We dug the potatoes by hand this week!  Don’t they look much more lovely?

Diggin diggin diggin potatoes!

Diggin diggin diggin potatoes!




What do I do with beets?   Boil the beets. Sautee the mixed baby greens and the beet tops, mix them together and chill.  Put a nice vinaigrette on the whole thing for a really delicious take on a cold salad.  It’s  so good!

Roasted Roots:  Wash and cut some potatoes, beets, and carrots into pieces all about the same size.  Keep beets in a separate roasting pan (unless you don’t care that they color everything pink).  Drizzle olive oil over all the roots.  Add the bottom part of the green onions, chopped to one of the roasting pans.  Salt.  Cover Roasting pans with foil and roast at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes.  Uncover the pan with potatoes after 20 minutes so that they get brown.  Mix all together just before serving.  

Raw Mixed baby greens salad:
Wash the bag of mixed baby greens.  Add 2-3 Tablespoons of Olive oil and 1/4-1/2 tsp. Salt and massage together for a few minutes until greens look wilty.  Let it rest for about 1/2 hour.  Mix in 1 or 2 grated carrots, some grated beets, some chopped green onion tops and a sliced avocado. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. Dressing: juice and zest of a lemon, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tsp agave nectar or honey, salt, pepper.   



This week we have been busy irrigating everything.  Moving drip tape here and there…  It’s our version of a raindance.  Nothing is looking too dry, though.  The cool weather is making the hot weather crops grow s-u-p-e-r-s-l-o-w-l-y, so we are again giving you not too many summer squash.  They will come eventually, right?

We spent quite a day shoveling a semi-load full of compost onto the area where we had the broccoli and onto the new ground that we turned over for next year.  We loaded the compost onto a hay wagon with the front end loader of the tractor and then we pulled the hay wagon over the fields and pitched the compost out by the shovelfull.   We get our compost from an organic dairy.  It’s good stuff!   After it was all out we dug it into the ground with digger pulled with the tractor.  It’s going to really help the organic matter in the soil.  We are very excited about it and we want to get a few more semi loads out.  (I know a few folks that work out here on the farm that probably aren’t as excited about this prospect as we are.  Pitchin a semi-load of compost makes people sore.  But everyone really gave it all they had and even imagined all the benefits that adding the compost onto the fields were having.  Not the easiest task to put your intentions into the soil as well as the hard physical work!  Thanks Adam, Annie, and Jeanette!!!)

Rama, Annie, and Jeanette pitchin the compost

Rama, Annie, and Jeanette pitchin the compost

A little side note, the ever popular and addictive sungold cherry tomatoes have begun going out.  We will be delivering them drop site by drop site.   B Natural in Eau Claire got them last week, this week River Market and NorthEast get them.  Don’t worry, if you aren’t at these sites, yours are coming soon!




Also, we are sorry for the lateness of the deliveries again this week.  Happy to report that the van is fixed and we will be a lot more consistant and early with the delivery times from here on out (knock on wood).  Lots of love from your farmers at Turnip Rock!DSC01135

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  1. peggy jones said

    I am so glad I picked up your flyer at B Natural. 7 weeks and everything has been terrific. Your vegetables are so pretty and flavorful, I don’t hardly have to do anything with them. And in fact, often when I fix the meal I’m almost full before we sit down…..I keep sampling when I should be cooking. I’ve told Dr. Amy that opening my box is like having Christmas every Thursday. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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