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We have been delayed on posting, sorry for this. But we figure, hey would you want your farmer pulling weeds, or BLOGGING?   We decided after much debate, heh, that the correct answer was indeed Blogging. I mean pulling weeds. 

What follows is an email converstaion between me and a gracious member.

“Josh, I have been a little disappointed in the quantity in the boxes.  Has this just been a bad growing year or can we expect our boxes to get a bit fuller as the summer goes on? ”


I really appreciate your question.  This season, so far, is much less quantity than we hoped to be putting in the boxes. Despite our best attempts at over planting, i.e. 1200 heads of cabbage for 160 boxes seems like enough right? We have been plauged with a surprise we could not have foreseen. Half of the field we are growing in has a low PH, which can be corrected over time, but hard to correct when planting has been done already. We did test our soils last summer and all the tests came up fine on PH, so this just was out of the blue. In the end it cuts our yields in half right off the top. So if we are to harvest 300 heads of cabbage one week we might not have  but only 150. this is why you might have seen some smaller heads of lettuce, or cabbage.

     We are hopeful and confident we will be able to fill up the boxes more as the summer goes on. The tomatoes and peppers are shaping up to be great looking. If we have to, we will attempt to buy in from other organic growers to round out your boxes more. We really don’t like to do that, but we also don’t want you as a member to leave the season feeling you were shorted on vegetables or paid too much. 

As for the future we are in the process now of turning over some new ground that has been in soil building for awhile and will be spreading a lot of compost this fall. As well as doing soil tests on everything and getting that PH situation under control. It’s just some of the first season things we are figuring out. I really appreciate your comment and would invite you too keep the conversation going if you like. We like to recieve feed back of all types, afterall you are our audience and we aim to please, if we aim at all. 

Thanks, Josh


Since I did grow up on a farm, I completely understand.  And, I have to say that I admire you for even attempting to start something like this from scratch.  I am pleased that you acknowledge that things have been a bit skimpy this spring, and maybe it would be good to spread that word.  Thanks for the response.


I don’t like to complain, and I dont think people like to hear complaining, some things effect everyone directly and I can’t avoid telling you the hard facts. Like the van needs a new engine, and deliveries were late for a couple weeks. And the ph (ph is acid/alkaline, scale, ours is low, meaning slightly too acid) is low on half the field so boxes are lighter than we hoped. But I don’t like to hear farmers cry about the weather all the time, or complain about how hard farming is. You know about those things and I’ll mention them, and boarderline complain about them, but  only so you know, and not to gain sympathy. We are obligated to bring you produce and I like that. In the face of adversity we won’t back down or make excuses. we’ll do our darndest to make it right .

If anyone wants to know more about the things we are doing to get through this ph problem let me know.  As for now we are taking it week by week and hoping that things shape up with our summer crops.

It just goes to show, in my book, science can’t tell you everything. Getting to know your soil is the best way to build it back up. 

So please let us know if there is anything else you’d like to know.


Whats next?

Blogging or Weeding?


  1. Stacy said

    Thanks for letting us know. This is my first year getting a CSA share, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did grow up on a farm, so I know how unpredictable it can be.

    • turniprock said

      Thanks to everyone for being understanding. We couldn’t do this without everyone’s support. we are so greatful to be surrounded by thoughtful and forward thinking people.
      I hope we meet face to face some day.
      until then. . .
      Turnip Rockers

  2. melinda said

    My favorite part about participating in a CSA is the fact that in some ways you are agreeing to be a true partner with the farmers. Which, like a marriage, means through sickness and in health and so on and so forth! I’m glad to see you seem to have a good group of participants that are in for precisely that reason – the partnership and the fact that it is a sustainable way to get good food (both environmentally and politically) not just “a good deal”.

    Thanks for addressing these concerns and let us know when we can help!

  3. Jennifer DeJonghe said

    I really haven’t minded at all – but thanks for letting us know. The last couple boxes perhaps have been a little light, but the early ones were very full I thought – and it has all been very high quality stuff. I’ve also never had CSA veggies come to me so cleaned up before!

    I agree with Melinda and consider this a partnership. I like hearing about what things are affecting you and the crops – good or bad. It’s very interesting to me and helps me appreciate the food even more.

    Other CSAs I’ve been a member at had volunteer days or ways for the members to come and help out from time to time, be sure to post if there are opportunities like that. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Renee said

    Hi Rama and Josh,
    Participating as a CSA has been a wonderful treat for me. I am very excited to see what’s in the box and to find things that I haven’t ever had or rarely try. The veggies are beautiful and every week there’s a new, delicious recipe. I know first hand that the lifestyle can be the most rewarding one there is, and we city folks will never know the joy it brings you. I appreciate your hard work and your candidness about what you’re dealing with. I’ll continue to look forward to treasures to come!

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