Week #2: This box is dedicated to Nutrient Density

What’s in the box?Week #2

red oak lettuce

romaine lettuce





Sorry, but the pea sprouts failed to make the cut.

    This week we dedicate this box to Nutrient Density!  A good farmer friend of ours, Ken Keppers (also an amazing potter and if you are ever on Hwy 8 near Turtle Lake,  look for his sign and stop to check out some beautiful handmade pottery!) told us that kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods around!  Also on the list of highly nutrient dense foods is broccoli and spinach.  This weeks box is off the charts when measuring nutrient density!  There have been studies comparing organically grown produce to conventionally grown produce and it has been shown that organically grown produce averages 25% more nutrients than their conventional counterparts.  Maybe that’s another thing to consider when deciding whether the price of organic produce is worth it.Jeanette lovingly bagging your spinach. The reason that our way of raising produce grows more nutritious food is because most conventional growers add synthetic nitrogen to the soil.  Most only consider the “NPK” of the soil.  We get a soil test that includes trace minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, sulphur…  We know that the nitrogen that the plant needs cannot be absorbed by the plant without the right amount of calcium and organic matter in the soil.  Instead of putting synthetic fertilizers on out fields, we use rock powders, compost, and nitrogen fixing cover crops.  In the end you get more nutritious food without all the questionable pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.  It’s also freshly harvested and has low food miles.  So this week, eat up and know that you are treating yourself to some of the most nutritious food out there!  Annie, Rama, Adam, Jeanette, and Josh (not pictured) packing boxes!


This week on the farm we got the brussel sprouts, cabbage, and pumpkins planted in the field.  We also planted some cilantro, dill, salad mix, and fall carrots.  Hopefully the dill will be ready with the new potatoes and cucumbers and the cilantro will come on at the same time as the tomatoes!  We also got a bit of rain right after planting.  We really love it when that happens.  The peas are flowering and things just keep growing!  

What’s Growin On:



onions or green garlic


perhaps peas

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  1. Mary Swetland said

    We had a yummy salad of red oak lettuce, radishes, spring onions & basil w olive oil & vinegar. SOOO good! It tastes even better knowing where it comes from. Thanks for the hard work. I’m making kale with white northern beans & garlic tonight. Thanks for all the hard work, guys! 🙂 Mary and family

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