WEEK 1. This box is dedicated to our volunteers!

Can you believe it?  It’s already here.  It seems like just weeks ago that we were putting tiny little collard seeds into the soil mix and just days ago that we were waiting for the basil to put on it’s true leaves…  But here it is BOX 1!  

Jeanette and Annie harvesting lettuce

Jeanette and Annie harvesting lettuce



What’s in the Box?


Collard Greens

Green Onions

Head Lettuce

Potted Basil 

Rainbow Chard



Josh and Jeanette and the rainbow chard

Josh and Jeanette and the rainbow chard




As previously explained, it is quite light and leafy.  It’s been cool and dry.  But with that inch of rain that we got, it almost seems like you can watch as everything grows in the field.  We are quite happy with the Collards.  They are very nice; tender and not at all bitter.  If you have eaten Collards before and think you don’t like them, I’d urge you to try these out.  We just might change your mind!

How they all started.

How they all started.


We want to dedicate this box to some really wonderful helpers that we have had last fall and this spring.  There was a lot to do to get ready for this season and we had some generous (and tough) helpers.  

Martha and Joleen helped out last fall by coming out to do a little Rock Picking from what was to become the garlic patch.  Josh’s step dad Daryl was also there.  This was our first time picking rock and by the end of the day, I can fairly say we were all experts.  After all that rock picking, they have even offered to come back and help more.  They really enjoy toiling.

Last fall we also had the help of a dear friend, Linda.  We knew that she was a willing helper because she had been a work-share at Big River Farm for two years.  We really put her to the test when we pulled plastic over the hoop house.  We pulled the plastic (which became a sail) with the wind pulling us nearly off our feet.  When we recovered from that we planted the garlic!


Josh, Joleen, Martha, and Rock Pile #1

Josh, Joleen, Martha, and Rock Pile #1

Linda and Josh after the plastic was pulled.

Linda and Josh after the plastic was pulled.

We were also lucky that our friend Evan came by and stayed for over a week!  (Evan worked with us at Big River, too) He brought along another friend, Emily, who is now working at Dream Acres CSA.  These two picked A LOT of rock with us.  Emily said that she was practicing for her work at Dream Acres.  We tried to convince them to stay, but Evan went to his job at a dairy (milking the cows that make Cultural Revolution Yogurt) and Emily went to learn to farm using draft horses and Oxen.  

Then Ryan (aka Proto-Human) came for a couple of weeks.  This guy.  Geeze.  Josh went to highschool with Ryan and worked with him at the other farm, too.  But Ryan has a lot of carpentry experience that came in super handy as we built the packing shed and the cabin.  And I should mention that he picked some rock, too.  Ryan went back to Iowa to start his own CSA this year.  

Ben, Ryan, Laura, Annie, and Jeanette in the new packing shed.

Ben, Ryan, Laura, Annie, and Jeanette in the new packing shed.



Mikael (who some may remember fondly from Big River Farm) was visiting from Portland where he is managing a farm, now.  He helped us out for a day by picking rocks, transplanting tomatoes, driving the tractor, and crackin’ jokes.  

There have been lots more people stopping by to lend a hand and lots more offering to put in a day.  It’s not required, but if you are in the neighborhood, we’d love to show any of our members around the farm (after all, it’s your farm too!).  We promise not to put you to work unless there’s something that needs to get done!  Many Thanks to our wonderful friends and members!


pea sprouts




onions or green garlic

maybe broccoli (depending on how the weather goes)



  1. Jennifer DeJonghe said

    Yay! I got box #1 today and it looks great! I love that you have this blog, too. Thanks – I’m off to eat some greens! 🙂

  2. Diane said

    I loved seeing the pictures of the farm! It was so fun to pick up the first week’s box…I can’t wait for next week!!

  3. rachellovesfood said

    Thanks so much for the first delivery. We ate the swiss chard last night with some bacon and onions. It was delicious. We are looking forward to the next delivery! Have a good week!

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