Getting busy.

For two days it drizzled/rained steadily and we worked madly in the fields. Our hands turned into mud paws and our boots grew heavy. The seven of us were picking rocks, laying down beds, and covering up tomato/squash/melon/basil plants until the soil became too wet too work with. It all paid off today as the feilds basked in sunlight and the plants grew noticeably bigger. The fields were still too wet too work in so we built a picnic table, mowed the orchard, planted almost 100 sunflowers around the yard, found a duckling, and watered the new kitchen herb garden. Sheep shearing Dan came! The sheep are without their pajamas and their three month old lambs are almost bigger than their moms.
The next week a miraculous event happened. We watched in awe as Rockpicker Randy in four minutes picked what took three of us twenty minutes to do. For the next few days Randy cleared all the rocks from the field and planting progressed much more quickly.

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