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Hello world!

Although the first day of spring was more than a month ago, today the farm really experienced a new beginning of sorts. As we sat around the lunch table in the bright New Auburn, Wisconsin sun, two pregnant pigs arrived to live in the pen we’d hurriedly constructed a mere few hours before their arrival. They immediately started rooting around, digging up delicious treats from the ground.

The area behind the haystack is now a real orchard, with 28 three-year-old pear trees sitting in nests of mulch. They look like little sticks poking out of the ground right now, but it’s possible that come harvest time, there might be a few fruits!

After putting potatoes and onions in the field last week, today we planted leeks and spring onions. It was actually the first thing that we’ve watched grow from seed in the greenhouse that has made it out to our fields. We are very excited and are hoping for a refreshing spring rain to give them something to drink.

Our packing shed is on its way to becoming a real building! The posts are cemented firmly in the ground below the frostline (which is still a bit frosty actually), thanks to the tree lifting strength of Ben and Ryan. And, in an emotionally charged voting session, the siding and roof colors were decided on. Burgundy it is, although Rama may use her veto power to make it copper colored, like a shiny penny. Phase 2 starts tomorrow.

One last thing. The old chicken coop made a transformation into an outhouse a few weeks ago when we purchased an insulated 8’x8′ coop at auction. It also moved into the goat and sheep pasture about 100 yards away. Unfortunately, chicken habits are hard to break, and they kept coming to roost at night near their old coop location. Their egg laying had taken off in the past few weeks with the arrival of tasty spring grass and bugs, so when we didn’t find any eggs in their coop we knew they were hiding them somewhere else. Well, seek and ye shall find. Here they are, in a little nest in the huge stack of hay.

Lunch Update: Jeanette made delicious cous-cous and vegetables to go with some oven fried chicken. For dessert we ate apple blackberry pie a la mode.

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